On today’s episode of the Craft Industry Alliance podcast, we’re talking about collage and mixed media with my guest Drew Steinbrecher.

Drew has enjoyed working with his hands and being creative from a young age. He has a university degree in graphic design. Along with being a full-time artist he is also freelance graphic designer. He’s an avid knitter, photographer, and traveler. He currently lives in Cincinnati with his partner Greg and their Schnauzer Fred.

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We begin this conversation with Drew talking about his childhood and his decision to study graphic design in college. Drew talks about what he likes about graphic design. Next, we talk about Drew’s interest in quilting and the series of classes he took with Nancy Crow to learn to achieve complicated piecing successfully.

We discuss Drew’s introduction to gelli plates and why he enjoys that medium. Drew talks about figuring out how to offer online classes and host virtual summits like the Collage Makers Summit which is coming up soon.

Drew Steinbrecher sketchbook

A page from Drew’s sketchbook.

During our conversation, we reference the following:

drew steinbrecher studio

Drew’s studio table.

Drew explains how he came to begin using baby board books as collage books and the process he uses to collage into them.

And, of course, I ask Drew to recommend great stuff he’s loving right now. Drew recommends:

  • Adobe Fresco for iPad
  • artist vlogs on YouTube
  • using children’s board books as collage books

Keep up with Drew on his website and register now for the upcoming Collage Makers Summit!